The PenneyHood Foundation is a new charity that officially commenced on the 4th March 2010. It was started by a group of caring people from the Seaton community in Adelaide, South Australia.

PenneyHood Foundation’s major goal is to set up a Care Home for people with varied medical conditions. The Foundation has engaged the services of an expert medical team and Support Workers to help enhance the quality of care to the patients and their families as a whole.

We are also looking at the holistic approach of care.

The concept is the dream of Ross Hood who has been working on this idea for the past 6 years. Ross lived through many of his family members spending numerous stays in hospital and he realized that there could be a better way to help people to heal in more pleasurable surroundings and to have their families share the healing process by being able to stay with them in their time of need.

Another goal is to help supply services or medical equipment to anyone struggling to obtain these items in times of need.

Ross derived the name Penney Hood from the surnames of his parents. Both of his parents have now passed away and this is a legacy to them. Whilst Ross was growing up both himself and his family were involved in numerous Volunteer organisations and helped to raise funds for various Charities like the Channel Ten Christmas Appeal, Crippled Children’s Association and Red Cross.

Ross himself suffers from various medical conditions of his own with the primary disabilities being Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. This does not stop his drive and passion to see his goals come true. So many people have helped Ross over the years and he would like to return the favour and help as many people as he can.

The Foundation consists of a small committee and membership is open to the public for a small fee. They all share Ross’s goals and ideas and are helping him to achieve them. Ross has sought and received the support of many in his local community. The Foundation will raise funds via Sponsorships, Public donations, Sausage Sizzles, Raffles and various other methods.

Part of the Foundation is the Care Radio Station, which also helps to raise funds. It all began in December 2004 when Ross first commenced the 24 hour FM Radio Station to play Christmas songs for 1 month to the community within 5 kms of his home.

In the last 6 years the Radio Station has increased to also include 1 month at Easter time and the radius has now been extended to approximately 10 km. During this time Ross has also set up a 24 hour Internet Radio Station called Care Radio which is listened to throughout the world.

The final goal is to obtain a 24 hour license for the FM Station so it can be listened to by the local community throughout the year.

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