Here are the list of DJ’s that appear on Care Radio Australia and the show that they produce for the station.

Ross Hood – The head honcho of CRA and a lover of 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s music. In fact, Ross loves the music so much he hosts a show about it on Care Radio Australia.

JP – DJ/Sound Engineer for the past 30 years JP is a stalwart of the Adelaide music scene. As well as being involved with CRA he also shoots video for bands that play at the Highlander Hotel

Corey Stewart – Singer/songwriter/musician and a staunch supporter of local music and musicians. There’s not much Corey hasn’t done in his 25+ years in the music industry except perhaps hosting a radio show/podcast

Garry Garfield – Better known by the names Garfield or Mr Fields, Garry is the voice of Radio Gnomey. He’s been doing DJ work for the past 25 in both SA and WA. He loves all kinds of music and Technology, all at the same time.

Shaun Jones – My name is Shaun Jones and I go by DJ Jonesy on Care Radio. I’m 17 year old and I’m hoping to start my career off in the radio industry. I hope to get far in life with it. Well I hope you guys enjoy my shows and keep listening in to Care Radio.